Purebred Labrador retrievers are recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club) in three main colors: Black, Yellow or Chocolate. The Chocolate Labrador is the rarest of the three colors and until recently, has been mostly shunned in conformation competitions. The rich coco pigment of the chocolate Labrador retriever is the result of a recessive gene and the exact shade of brown can range from a light to dark chocolate. The Chocolate lab puppy's kind and friendly eyes will be brown or hazel pools of trust and devotion.

So what should you expect from the typical chocolate lab puppy? Assuming that your puppy is 8 to 12 weeks old she will probably be very dependent and need to follow you everywhere. She may cry when separated from you, especially at night. Like any other baby your lab puppy will try to put everything in her mouth. But unlike a human baby, your puppy has teeth, so if you don't want something chewed completely, put it where she can't get to it.

Your chocolate lab puppy may display dominant behavior around other puppies but she will be very submissive around you. You are the leader. However your leadership stints will be short-lived because as a baby, your puppy has a very short attention span.

Energy will radiate from her whole body. A 4-year old human hopped up on sugar on Christmas morning couldn't match the energy of a chocolate lab puppy. These playful balls of energy and chocolate fur can make a game out of almost anything and will go full steam until completely spent. And needless to say your new puppy will not be housetrained, so she will need your patient hand to teach her where it's appropriate to go. If you ever have to scold her, always make sure that she understands why she is being scolded. Never scold after the fact.

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Don't allow your Chocolate Lab to grow into a big unruly brown dog, it may be cute in the movies, but it seldom is in reality and could be dangerous. The worst mistake a new owner can make is not providing enough training during puppyhood. Every civilized Chocolate Lab should know the five basic obedience commands: sit, stay, heel, down, and come. Chocolate Labrador retrievers are very people oriented and eager to please, so they will take to training easily. A chocolate lab puppy will thrive in a loving family with a patient master who will take the time to teach her right from wrong.

Chocolate labs have been said to have a laid back approach to life.

Affable and easy-going, these dogs can readily adapt to new situations and people without nervousness or undue excitability. While this description is accurate for the Labrador breed as a whole, within any breed there will be individual dogs that do not conform to the breed standards for either conformation or temperament. However, a well loved and trained Chocolate Labrador retriever will see everyone as her friend and the world as her playground.

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